For Channel Admins

Organic Traffic

In Telegram, users usually subscribe to no more than 5-10 channels. In Uniton, they can follow as many channels as they want—hundreds and thousands, similar to Twitter and Instagram.

Channels attract more organic users by having exciting content that AI recommends to users based on their interests. In Uniton, interesting posts go viral and get a thousand times more views from new users than from the channel's subscribers.


Channels and brands can promote their content in feeds to get even more views. It's a thousand times more effective than Telegram ads inside channels to reach the audience.

Unlike traditional social networks, promo revenue in Uniton goes to users and a small fee to the project.

Users can opt out of all promo posts in settings. Those who see promo posts will instantly get rewards for that.

All bots are blocked from token rewards.

If users don't like promo content, they can dislike it. AI will use it to adjust the promo distribution to avoid malicious activity.

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